Lugano collection for Morgan Furniture, UK

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Launching at The London Design Festival at the Morgan Furniture Showroom, Sept 20-25, 2021. Follow the link below, or go to

The Lugano collection is inspired by the in-depth concept of  ‘nurture and to be nurtured’. It has a strong natural, organic and crafted typology. With soft pillow shaped elements, simple hugging forms, natural textured materials and a beautiful crafted wooden frame, the pieces are a celebration of timelessness and British craftsmanship by the family owned, and highly regarded Morgan Furniture, UK.

The pieces are based on the principle of ‘design well, design once’ inline with a sustainable approach to increase products lifespan where heavy use elements, such as the seat pad can be replaceable to extend the products useable lifespan.

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Lugano Collection


ME Dubai Hotel by Zaha Hadid | Review

ME Dubai Hotel has just launched. This is the legacy project for the prolific, global architect, Zaha Hadid. See my exclusive review here for Hotel Designs Magazine.

This is the only example of architecture where Zaha Hadid herself also designed the Interior.  It  is  a  testiment  to  a  designer  with  a  vision  to  push  boundaries  in  typology,  material usage  and  fabrication. It’s quite something.

Living clothing that breathes!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 14.19.53
Living clothing
Take a look. The shape of clothing to come.

Ironically skin on skin. A beautiful biomimicking concept which I have no doubt is one of the new level of research projects taking us one step closer to our realisation and appreciation that our natural world holds genius solutions that we can mimic. These secrets have always been there, we have simply just not fully understood them or had the technological means by which to more closely explore them, perhaps now we do. We as humans contain genius solutions, we simply just need to understand at nano scale to progress. Rock Galpin