The Digital vs The Physical takeover

The fascinating yet slightly daunting prospect of next steps in what might become of us, if we let it, of our worlds. The film depicting humans in Wall-E springs to mind. Ouch.

Will we really live in our heads for large amounts of time, largely disconnected from our physical worlds?

I can’t help projecting this, to use a pun, to the next level after, where I can see a world that holistically embraces both the mind and physical worlds with technologies on a very different level. Where we effectively have two bodies one on the inside and one on the outside which allows multi-layered experiences. Where we can switch from the real to the artificial world intuitively.

I do believe we need to not neglect the physical domain though. this need to develop inline…. I believe the possibility of suggestion (currently used in hypnosis) to manifest physical experiences in 3D digital space may where we are heading. RG